Internship Opportunity

Theatre/Radio Internship with Blackshaw Theatre Company

An introduction to working in professional theatre/radio, offering the chance to shadow and assist our sound designer/engineer, director, actors and stage manager on a professional production.

You will shadow/assist in one or more of the following areas:

– foley

– sound

– directing

– theatre/radio production

You will also have a place reserved for you on our new writing workshop (Mon 28th June, 6pm, The Big Top, King George’s Park, Wandsworth).

Our interns will be fully supported throughout their time with us, and on successful completion of the internship will receive a credit in the programme, and a reference for future job applications.

Foley –

This is the creation and performance of sound effects on stage.  It’s super fun, and will be coordinated by our sound designer, Andrew Crane.  To get a taste of what we’ve done before, listen to Some Treachery: A Miss McSkimming Mystery and The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell.  The role could involve working with Andy to try out different ways to produce sound effects, assisting during rehearsals, and/or performing these on the day during the show.

Sound – 

We need to carefully balance the recording of foley and live voices of the actors during the performances, so you could work with our sound engineer to see how this works in practice, and assist during the get in, technical rehearsal and performance.

Directing – 

You could work with our Director, Ellie, during rehearsals and on show day; working with the writer to tweak the script, coordinating foley and sound with Andy, and getting the best possible performances from our actors.

Theatre/radio production – 

There needs to be a clear overview of the performance – coordination of venue, creatives, sales, marketing.  If you want to see what it’s like to hold all the strings, come and assist our company director, Ellie, in the production of the whole show!


Open to Wandsworth residents and students aged 16-25.

No previous experience required.


Please note you will definitely need to be available for the rehearsals, get in/technical rehearsal, and performances, as follows:

Sunday 6th June, 11-6pm (Tooting, venue TBC)

Sunday 13th June, 11-6pm (Tooting, venue TBC)

Sunday 27th June, 11-6pm (Tooting, venue TBC)

Saturday 3rd July, 9am-5pm (The Big Top, King George’s Park, Wandsworth, SW18 2GJ)

About the show

Following their award-winning production of The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell by Chris Buxey (Stage Door New Writing Award 2018), Blackshaw Theatre Company returns to the Wandsworth Arts Fringe with a radio play recorded in front of a live audience (hilarious sound effects included).

Miss McSkimming takes to the high seas in her second adventure, presented by Blackshaw Theatre.  Expecting a pleasant transatlantic cruise, Miss McSkimming must instead deal with a missing companion and a series of mysterious thefts, all whilst trying to avoid panic amongst her fellow passengers.

A rollicking comedy with mysteries abounding, this piece promises to delight audiences, young and old!

The show will run alongside a series of educational outreach events – a radio playwriting and producing workshop at the Putney Arts Theatre, a Q&A with the show creators, and 1-3 internships for Wandsworth residents and students wanting to gain experience in producing theatre and radio.

Supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

Saturday 3rd July, 1pm

The Big Top, King George’s Park, Wandsworth, SW18 2GJ

About writer, Richard Stratton

Richard Stratton has written several plays for Blackshaw Theatre Company, including Some Treachery: A Miss McSkimming Mystery and new adaptations of Alice in Wonderland and Gormenghast: Titus Groan.

About Blackshaw Theatre Company

Blackshaw is a theatre production company, championing new writing and adaptations on stage and in audio.

We’re proud to work with an extensive network of artists and professionals in our South London homeland and beyond. Blackshaw and our whole network believe in embracing a wide range of disciplines, sharing knowledge, and supporting fellow theatre practitioners to create great work.

Founded in 2010, our productions include new works; The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell by Chris Buxey (2018 – Putney Arts Theatre); Some Treachery: A Miss McSkimming Mystery by Richard Stratton (2017 – Putney Arts Theatre); Black Shuck by Duncan Hands (2016 – Old Red Lion Theatre), Staying Alive by Kat Roberts (2015 – Pleasance Theatre), Fetch by Duncan Gates (2014 – Selkirk Upstairs); Audience with the Ghost Finder by M. J. Starling (2013 – Selkirk Upstairs & Etcetera Theatre), and Character by Florence Vincent (2014 & 2015 – Selkirk Upstairs & Tristan Bates Theatre); as well as adaptations of Gormenghast: Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake (2012 – The Actors’ Church, Covent Garden) and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (2014 & 2015 – Selkirk Upstairs, Battersea Library & The British Home).

Our podcast, ‘The Blackshaw Arts Hour’ includes the latest arts news and reviews, as well as one-off radio dramas, serials, and live performances.

Reviews for Blackshaw

Scare Slam, 2019

“All the performances were amazing…a fantastic production” – The Strand Magazine

The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell, 2018

“a real treat…great fun” * * * * – Pocket Size Theatre

“The ace up the sleeve of the show though is the brave move of having the Foley (sound effects) recorded live…plenty of laughs” – A Younger Theatre

Alice in Wonderland, 2014/15

“…creative, imaginative and seemingly effortless style…The whole performance buzzed with energy, fun and joy.” * * * * *  –  London Theatre 1

“this production provides something for everyone…The fun-filled show brims with chaos, madness and high jinks…the wild but classic tale of Alice in her fantastically retold Wonderland.” – A Younger Theatre

“an imaginative production…highly entertaining and engaging…a fun afternoon adventure” – Everything Theatre

Testimony from volunteers we’ve worked with before – 

“Blackshaw Theatre are an inspiring theatre company and I had a great time working with them over the last year and a half. They are a very welcoming and talented group of people who really made me feel part of the company from day one. This was my first ever job in the Arts, it really gave me an insight into the Theatre Industry.”

– Emma, Press and External Communications Officer

This is a voluntary, unpaid post, but travel and food expenses will be covered. 

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy, available on request.

Application Deadline: 5pm, Thursday 27th May 2021

Apply now.

Looking back at…Behind the Scenes

Some of the most joyful moments in the last 10 years of Blackshaw making work, have been all about the making. Behind the scenes, the creation of shows has been busy and beautiful. The joy has been standing on a bookcase, taking a selfie between rehearsing scenes, having a nap, cleaning grubby chairs, recording a voiceover under a pile of coats, gripping camera kit on a windy beach, doing a quick change in a library…

Looking back at…The Blackshaw Arts Hour

In 2015 we began a weekly, and later, fortnightly, magazine-style culture show on Wandsworth Radio (now Riverside Radio). It included regular segments such as Matt Boothman’s film review, Vikki’s Arts things of the week, and Strat and Alex do Art, as well as interviews with industry folk and behind the scenes content for Blackshaw’s show. Later, we created and broadcast exciting radio drama, such as a serial adaptation of ‘Great Expectations’, new writing ‘Audience with the Ghost Finder, and many more!

After 100 episodes, we retired our radio mic, but have continued to produce some superb standalone audio drama. You can listen to the cracking catalogue of our radio show, as well as all that audio drama, on our podcast channel.

The 100th (and final) episode of the radio show, gives a great look back and highlights reel – have a listen!

Looking back at…The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell

by Chris Buxey

11-12th May 2018, Putney Arts Theatre

Performed in front of a live audience, with live foley (sound effects), this new radio play by Chris Buxey is a dark comedy about principles, money and the importance of family.

Stuart is the author of the beloved Young Adult literature heroine, Frankie Fightwell. While writing the next book in the series, Stuart realises that there might be more than just the usual vampire sharks and giant Nazi man-spiders preventing Frankie from making it to the end of her latest adventure!

We enjoyed the last live audio play so much we decided to do it all again. We had a larger live foley team for Chris Buxey’s delightfully camp, nazi spider romp. And safe to say it was a real treat for the audience and creative team. Oh, and it won Stagedoor’s Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018 New Writing Award.


Tom Slatter – Dominic/Viktor
Abigail Morgan – Frankie/Rachel
John Rayment – Stuart


Ellie Pitkin – Director/Producer
Andrew Crane – Sound/Foley Designer
Vikki Weston – Producer
Megan Barbour – Foley Team/Intern
Charlotte Bishop – Foley Team/Intern
Alec Mills – Foley Team
Betty Smith – Foley Team/Intern

Looking back at…Some Treachery: A Miss McSkimming Mystery

by Richard Stratton

13th May 2017, Putney Arts Theatre

A live radio play (hilarious sound effects included). A seemingly trivial case soon reveals a dastardly plot that could shake the very foundations of the British Empire. With her faithful valet by her side, Miss McSkimming must get to the bottom of it.

What do you do when you love new writing, audio drama and live theatre? Combine them all of course! The first of our live foley extravaganzas, Some Treachery, set the bar very high. Richard Stratton’s script and the interplay between the foley team and the actors created a brilliantly intriguing spectacle for the audience.


Jessica Bailes
Ellie Pitkin
Chris Starkey
Helen Stratton
Richard Stratton


Director – Ellie Pitkin
Live Foley – Andrew Crane
Live Foley – David Turnbull
Sound engineer – Rebecca Hitchcox
Recording Manager – Vikki Weston

Looking back at…Black Shuck

by Duncan Hands

11-19th May 2016, The Bedford
11-15th October, The Old Red Lion Theatre

“Sea-eagle to coot, come in please, can you hear me? Over.”

“Yes, yes, bloody yes!”

Rucksacks… Check. Walkie-Talkies… Check. Hip flask… Check. Gun… gun?!

Ruminating on the local myth of ghostly dog ‘Black Shuck’, two (inept) would-be smugglers await a shipment on the Norfolk Coast. Join us, where comedy meets horror in this hour-long new play by Duncan Hands.

Another bit of new writing being championed by Blackshaw you say? It’s almost like we have an MO…Duncan Hands blended the mystical, farcical and mundane in this black comedy. Rachel Nott and Alexander Pankhurst’s onstage chemistry really brought the whole thing to life. Special mention goes to Andrew Crane for once again delivering the quality aural goods to create the spookiest of atmospheres.

engaging and dynamic…boundless energy and spirit…a little bit silly, a little bit scary and thoroughly worth a watch!

Theatre Bubble

a brilliantly written short piece…Rachel Nott is amazing…Art is played wonderfully by Alexander Pankhurst

London Theatre 1

a taut play that manages to walk the tightrope of genres but playing to the strength of all

Female Arts


Martha – Rachel Nott
Art – Alexander Pankhurst
Mr Big (voice only) – Tom Slatter
Fisherman (voice only) – Duncan Hands


Director/Producer – Ellie Pitkin
Sound Design – Andrew Crane
Sound and Lightening Tech – Andrew Crane
Set and Costume Designer – Michelle Bristow
Set Builder – Tom Hurling
Design Assistant – Sophia Debus
Promotional Images – Robin Savage Photography
Production Photography – Richard Stratton

Looking back at…The Scare Slam & Halloween Tales

Halloween Tales, 30th October – 1st November 2014, The Selkirk Upstairs

‘You think it’s all me and it’s not. It’s not always me.’

It starts as a normal night-shift – and then you start to see double…

Duncan Gates’ chilling short play, Fetch, alongside some spooky fireside stories, formed our first foray into scary short stories. Halloween Tales was almost certainly the spooky seed from which did grow the horror-bloom: Blackshaw’s Annual Scare Slam.

The Whistling Room by William Hope Hodgson, read by M. J. Starling

Wailing Well by M. R. James, read by Duncan Gates

Fetch by Duncan Gates

There’s a bunch of lovely photos, interviews, and behind the scenes joy available to browse.


ROSIE MARSH Ally (Fetch)
M. J. STARLING Storyteller
DUNCAN GATES Storyteller


ELLIE PITKIN Director & Producer
MICHELLE BRISTOW Set & Costume Designer
ANDREW CRANE Sound Design/Tech Operation

The Scare Slam, annually, October 2014-present

From the mind of Blackshaw associate, Helen Stratton, the Scare Slams were born. Over the years (we’ve done 5) the Scare Slam has been performed at The Horse & Stables, The Old Red Lion, and The Pleasance Theatre, as part of the London Horror Festival.

The show has provided a platform for the telling of terrifying short stories and poems. All in the dead of night. To the gentle hiss of a geriatric smoke machine…

Scare Slam 2015

Scare Slam 2016

Scare Slam 2017

Scare Slam 2018

Scare Slam 2019

You can drip some fear into your ear, and listen to the audio of the Scare Slams, whenever you like.

Looking back at…New Writing Nights & The Showcase Awards

On January 6th 2011, Blackshaw presented its first New Writing Night at The Horse & Stables (Lambeth North). There began a decade-long love story between Blackshaw and new writing. We hosted over 30 events, first at The Horse, and then at the Hen & Chickens (Islington). The New Writing Nights brought together writers, actors, and directors to try out their work and get constructive feedback from the audience.

In 2014, we began the annual Blackshaw Showcase Award – winners were supported by Blackshaw through the development process of their play, to get the script performance-ready and then staged as a one-off industry performance.

2014 Winner: Staying Alive by Kat Roberts

2015: Call It Even by Naila Vázquez Tantinyà

2016: Cailleach Óg by Gerald Moynihan

2017: Moth Man by Nicole Locke

There are loads of brilliant photos, reviews, interviews and info on the New Writing Nights and Showcase Awards to look at.

Looking back at…Great Expectations

Adapted by Marcus J Bazley

Recorded August 2015
Original Broadcast December 2015, Wandsworth Radio (now known as Riverside Radio)

Some of our members saw Cyphers theatre company perform Marcus J Bazley’s adaptation of Great Expectations, and jumped at the opportunity to work with them to produce the show as a serialised audio drama. It was a huge undertaking, particularly for our talented sound technician and designer, Andrew Crane, who created all of the soundscapes and effects from scratch. The results speak for themselves, and this project was a fantastic jumping off point for the audio dramas we would go on to produce.


Narrator – Jeremy Drakes
Magwitch/Pumblechook – Dylan Lincoln
Compeyson/Porter/Galley – Marcus J Bazley
Estella/Mrs Joe – Victoria Hamblen
Pip – Rupert Sadler
Joe/Wemmick/Drummle – Christopher Anderton
Sergeant/Jaggers – Alexander Pankhurst
Miss Havisham – Jessica Brien
Herbert Pocket – William Holyhead
Biddy – Rosie Marsh


Sound Recordist/Designer/Engineer – Andrew Crane
Producer – Helen Johnson
Associate Producer – Iasha Chapman

Looking back at…Staying Alive

written by Kat Roberts

15th January 2015, Pleasance Theatre
10-29th November 2015, Pleasance Theatre

“There’s nothing worse than old friends…they always think they know exactly who you are.”

Mary had a son. Now her son is dead. And that is all. But Jen is having a dinner party, just like they used to, a chance to catch up. No pressure. Nothing big. Just old friends. It would be great to see you. If you’re free. If you’re ready.

Staying Alive follows Mary’s efforts to build herself a life, after his death. Is it possible to regain any sense of normalcy? If not, how will her friends support her today, a year from now, 5 years from now?

Winner of the first annual Blackshaw Showcase Award, Staying Alive was developed with support from Blackshaw, culminating in a one night industry performance at the Pleasance Theatre in January 2015. The show returned to The Pleasance for a two week run and the playscript was published by Nick Hern Books. Kat Roberts’ Staying Alive is a real success story and one that Blackshaw is immensely proud of.

Proof that given enough time, talent and perseverance, theatre that really says something about the human condition can be made.

Female Arts

Highly original, nuanced and enlightening…deeply observed social comedy…compelling from start to finish.

Remote Goat

It’s so painfully familiar and human…an elegant exploration of how friendships can break down and change under the weight of tragedy.

Exeunt Magazine


Mary – Rachel Nott
Jack – Jonny McPherson/Alexander Pankhurst
Jenn – Eleanor Burke
Nathan – Brendan Jones
Portia/Sarah/Social Worker – Emily Rae
Will/Administrator – Stephen Ashmore-Blakely
Tom (voice) – Laura Mortimore


Director/Producer – Ellie Pitkin
Assistant Director – Marcus Bazley
Set and Costume – Michelle Bristow
Lighting and Sound – Andrew Crane
Producer – Vikki Weston
Photography – Richard Stratton

We have tons of interviews, reviews, photos and more.