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Blackshaw is a theatre production company, championing new writing and adaptations on stage and in audio.

We’re proud to work with an extensive network of artists and professionals in our South London homeland and beyond. Blackshaw and our whole network believe in embracing a wide range of disciplines, sharing knowledge, and supporting fellow theatre practitioners to create great work.

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Looking back at…10 years of Blackshaw

To see out the year, we’ll be posting a short retrospective of all our productions. Follow us on social media for a delightful trip down memory lane. More info here.

Trouble at Sea: A Miss McSkimming Mystery

Written by Richard Stratton

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Miss McSkimming will not be setting sail, as scheduled.  We’re planning to postpone to 2021, and will shout out the details as soon as we have them.

Miss McSkimming takes to the high seas in her second adventure, presented by Blackshaw Theatre.  Expecting a pleasant transatlantic cruise, Miss McSkimming must instead deal with a missing companion and a series of mysterious thefts, all whilst trying to avoid panic amongst her fellow passengers.

More show info, including internship opportunities are on the blog.

Supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe.