Scare Slam 2021 – Show Programme

Writers & Performers

The Woman on the Ceiling by Julie Barnett

Julie Barnett is a writer from Swansea. She has an obsession with drinking tea, eating cake and anything ghostly. She has successfully managed to freak herself out while writing this piece and will most definitely be sleeping with the light on and one eye open from now on.

666 PROBLEMS by Sarah Tejal Hamilton

Sarah Tejal Hamilton is a playwright and narrative artist. A former winner of the London Horror Festival playwriting competition, her poem tonight, 666 Problems is inspired by all the great gothic poets: Shelley, Keats, Rossetti, Donne, and Jay-Z.

Feed the World, written by Rhiannon Owens, performed by Natalie Winter

Rhiannon is a writer for stage and audio. This is her second foray into the horror genre having previously had a digital performance of her work as part of Uncanny Collective’s online horror festival. It’s not a genre that comes easily as she’s a bit of a wimp who finds everything a little bit terrifying. Her writing can also be seen as part of Jam Tart/Lemon Kurd a double bill of monologues showing at the Hope Theatre from 26th October.

The performer, Natalie Winter, is an actor, voice over artist, and director. She produces and directs the Ragged Scratch Podcast, a new writing podcast for short audio plays, and is a regular player on Blackshaw Theatre’s sister podcast, Merely Roleplayers.

Gone by Sasha Ravencroft

Sasha Ravencroft is going to be reading a piece of prose they wrote recently called ‘Gone’ which looks at how hard it can be to let go of something or someone and move on. Sasha’s company, Rude Raven Productions are at the London Horror Festival for the first time – their play ‘A Simple Tale of Love’ is performing here at The Pleasance Theatre on the 29th October.

An Unusual Undertaking by Andrew James Brown

Andrew James Brown is a poet, storyteller and National Treasure. His work has been seen in the flesh across the UK and in international waters, and can be seen in embalmed form in his criminally underated collection Entrees, get it now before Penguin Classics do.

Mr Tumnus by Sam Greenwood

Mr Tumnus is about a child I do not have, in a house I do not own. In this way I hope it will be very relatable to a London audience.

Crew & Creatives

Ellie Pitkin – Compere & Producer

Andrew Crane – Sound Design and Technician

Violaine Brunelin – Marketing Manager

Alexander Pankhurst – Press & Marketing

Special thanks to: Katy Danbury, Matt Boothman, Richard Stratton, Helen Stratton, Vikki Weston.

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About Merely Roleplayers

In Blackshaw’s sister podcast, we improvise heists, spy missions, monster hunts and many more stories, with one thing in common: we’re always chasing maximum drama. Dice rolls add an element of chance, so no one knows which way the story will go – not even us! Visit our website to follow the show, and choose Act 1 of any production to jump in and join the fun.

TONIGHT! You can see Merely Roleplayers’ debut live show, Lights Out at 8.30pm at the Pleasance. Book tickets on the Pleasance website, or risk a purchase on the door.

No one knows what happened to the Blackout Four – only that none survived.

Merely Roleplayers hope to solve this mystery live.

Part seance, part campfire tale, part roleplaying game, Lights Out sees four brave players place themselves in the shoes of the Blackout Four, and fight against fate to seize a glimmer of hope – before all the lights go out.

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