Working for Blackshaw – New Writing Night Manager, Nicole

Hello all,

this is my first blog for Blackshaw and I thought that I would take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit about myself and discuss my role within the company.  Currently I’m an undergraduate student at Royal Holloway University of London, studying English Literature and Creative Writing – final year so extra exciting and nerve wracking.

It was last September that I took on the role of Administrator for Blackshaw, and what an amazing experience it has been so far!  It is great to be able to work alongside such passionate and enthusiastic people who share a love of the theatre. When they made the offer for me to expand my role within the company I was delighted to become both the Administrator and New Writing Night Manager.

As administrator I get to take minutes at meetings and make sure everyone knows the tasks they have to do, sending them lovely reminders on Trello*.  But I am ever so pleased to be taking over the position of New Writing Night manager from the wonderful Lizzie Cooper.  Now I get to work with directors, actors, writers and many other people to create a wonderful opportunity to showcase new writing in front of a live audience.

I am ever so excited to take on this role, and am looking forward to the next New Writing Night on the 30th September at The Horse and Stables in Lambeth, and hope to see many of you there – it’s gonna be great!

See you there!


*Trello is the app we use to manage all the company’s tasks – it’s a giant ‘to do’ list!

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