Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 74

Ellie, Matt and Vikki are in the studio for the first time in 2018!

  • Matt reviews Pitch Perfect 3
  • Strat & Alex do Art – Limericks (oh dear…) – tweet us your limerick and we’ll RT our faves
  • We talk about Timeout’s ’18 shows to see in 2018′
  • Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018 is open to applicants until 2nd Feb – get involved!
  • Merely Roleplayers is half way through Season 2 – catch up with the hijinks.


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Limericks by Strat

While listening to the show yesterday,
They reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey.
Matt didn’t find it a thriller.
He found it rather vanilla.
Which I didn’t expect him to say.

We thought we’d do something real smart,
A high-brow, intelligent part.
We wanted a section,
That was utter perfection.
But we got Strat and Alex do Art.

When Matt’s recording, sat on his tushy,
There’s something you can’t, but he can see.
If you hear him mutter,
Or stumble or stutter,
He’s distracted by Ellie’s pussy.


Limbericks by Alex

Two jokers attempting to art
Its hard to tell them apart
Laughing and playing
Don’t know what they’re saying,
I’m just glad I’ve not used the word fart
The Matt Boothman film review
Fancy a listen? Pull up a pew.
This man knows words in a way thats absurd
So much its hard to eschew
Working alongside a cat
Can be hard, there’s fairness in that.
This fluffy ball of fur does more than just purr,
She also eats loudly, the twat.
I’m not an old man from Kent
My nose isn’t terribly bent
These Stereotypes are silly and shite
And not at all what is meant
Tentatively approaching a task
Trying not to get caught up too fast
Being tactful and deft wanting emotional heft
But knowing its already been done in the past

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The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 72

This show includes…

Our next episode will be a live recording of our 2017 Scare Slam at the London Horror Festival.  WoooOoooOoo!

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Send us your Flash Fiction & Micro Stories

‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn’ – Ernest Hemingway

At first, just a sentence. At closer inspection, deeply sad. Think on it more, and you can create an entire story around those words. All from one sentence; just six words. This phenomenon is known as ‘flash’ or ‘micro’ fiction.

Traditionally stories composed of less than 300 words, flash fiction has become even more compact for Twitter, with many writers challenging themselves to compose stories within the 140 character count.

Sometimes the greatest horror is that left unseen, so we wondered if that left unsaid could send chills up the spine.  With some research we were pleased to see that the internet already had this covered! Ghoulish stories of two sentences are being written across the world – see some of the best here.

As you can see from these examples, and from Hemingway’s tragic sentence above, the best micro-stories work by letting the reader fill in the gaps. And so, with Halloween Tales on the horizon, we wondered if you could freak us all out a bit with your own efforts by composing your very own micro-horror-story and sharing it with us on Twitter and Facebook – we’ll share and retweet the best efforts!

And in the spirit of participation, I’m willing to embarrass myself with my own poor effort:

She noticed his reflection in the mirror behind her and smiled. Then she came to her senses and remembered why he couldn’t be there.

We’re all looking forward to reading your efforts!


Siobhan – PPM Manager