New Writing Night – September 2015

What’s Best for Louis by Frank Mariani
Director – Catherine Lord
Tim – Dominic Attenborough
Jane – Charlotte Higgins
Woman – Natasha Green

How To Get Ahead by Liam Fleming & Robert Wallis
Director – Liam Fleming
Josh – James Bonser
Pete – Connor Mills

Hell and Heaven by Richard Cabut
Director – Alexander Pankurst
Mr Northcote – Adam Seigel
Mrs Northcote – Natalie Winter
St Peter – James Docherty
Attendant – Natasha Green

Poetry by Owen Collins


Photos by Richard Stratton



New Writing Night – March 2015 – The Showcase Shortlist

Sleeping Dogs by Lisa Lawrence
Directed by Kat Roberts
Ben— George Collie
Anna— Rose Turner
Jack— Stanley Eldridge
Annette— Diana Brooks

Eromenos by Nick Cheesman
Directed by Matt Beresford
Sheri— Janie Shepherd
Nigel— Richard Zanik

Call it Even by Naila Vazquez Tantinya
Directed by Marcus Bazley
Jamie— Jonathan Cobb
Macarena— Eden Avital Alexander

The Meeting by Michael Halliday
Directed by Stephen Bailey
God— Isaiah Ellis
Muse— Freya Evans
Fate— Caitlin McMillan
Demon— Charlie Woodward
Administrator— Colson Dorafshar

Photos by Richard Stratton

New Writing Night – November 2014

Have you seen Spider-Man 2?
Written by Joseph Banks
Directed by Alejandro Postigo
Performed by Grace Felton
& Smith Lowe

Excessive Force
Written by Nelson Clark
Directed by Jo Greaves
Performed by Gigi Burgdorf
& Deep Johal

Poetry Written & performed by
Owen Collins

Written by Jeremy Fletcher
Directed by Marcus Bazley
Harry: Andrew Wickes
James: Daniel Garcia
Heather: Amy Jackson

Poetry written & performed by
Daisy Thurston Gent

Photography by Zak Thomas & Richard Stratton