The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 51

This week on the show we are playing you the entirety of Blackshaw’s recent Scare Slam!

Recorded live at The Old Red Lion in Islington as part of the London Horror Festival, it’s a collection of scary stories from some of London’s best new writers.
Be warned, things get very spo0o0o0oky!


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NEWS – lineup announced for Scare Slam at London Horror Festival, 17th Oct, 9.30pm




The following acts are going to be strutting their scary stuff at the Scare Slam on 17th October.


Book now to avoid disappointment!


Tickets only £7/5


Lucy’s Tea Party by Molly Beth Morossa

Chug Life by Dave Bibby

The Dewey Ones by Ben Whitehead

The Flat Upstairs by Paul Joseph

Skag n’ Bone Man by Stack 10 Theatre

At The Edge by Ed Bailey

The Haunt by Stack 10 Theatre