Wild Whitstable: Black Shuck Photo Shoot

Here’s a little backstage glimpse of those who suffered for their art on the shore of the north Kent coast.



Wild and windswept, the actors Alexander Pankhurst and Rachel Nott posed perfectly in character as Art and Martha. We only stopped briefly; to rescue Rachel’s scarf from a dog weeing on it, to shoo away other dogs checking out said wee and to give my arm a rest from my role as a human lighting stand.


Despite the 40mph winds and the various acts canine vandalism, Robin Savage executed a professional photo shoot with excellent results (keep your eyes peeled for the photos on our Twitter, Facebook etc very soon!).

If you’re a fan of schadenfreude, you’ll like this – in my attempt (two days prior to the shoot) to inflate a yellow buoy. My misadventure began when I came home from an evening work event, with the bright idea of inflating the buoy with my bicycle pump. With nothing to eat or drink since lunch, and the extreme effort I had to employ to even slightly inflate it, I promptly passed out, hitting my head on the coffee table on the way down. Not my finest moment, but I would like to think it displays some commitment and dedication to my work for Blackshaw.


By Nick Tatchell (Blackshaw’s Funding & Partnerships Manager)