New Writing Night – July 2016

Our first New Writing Night at the lovely Hen & Chickens – thanks for having us!


Saved by the Diddymen by Michael Staniforth

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Bob – Jonathan Curry

John – Tony Parkin


A selection of poetry written and performed by Owen Collins


Bunker by Agustina Figueras

Directed by Catherine Lord

Greta – Jess Reed

Brauen – Joe Riley


Little England by Rabiah Hussain

Directed by Chris Davis

Faraz – Theodor Spiridon

Michael – Dan Richards


The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 10

This week on a packed Blackshaw Arts Hour we had Matt return to the studio after a two week hiatus. He reviewed “Inappropriate Behaviour” and will be returning next week, once again, for another movie review.

We heard a short piece sent into us by Hannah Puddefoot called ‘Slow Down’, Hannah wrote and performed, and sound design was by Ian Ward.
Arts Thing of The Week was back and Vikki talked us through her experience with Shakespeare at an educational level and posed the question ‘What is the most effective way to teach Shakespeare to children?’
We heard another essay by writer Corey Hulls explaining the 9 stages of drinking on a night out with friends, as represented by popular culture characters and played ‘The Walrus and The Carpenter’, a short Lewis Carroll poem read by Alexander Pankhurst, as it was World Poetry Day on Saturday.
We also had the pleasure of being joined this week by two new Blackshaw voices. Emily Rae and Andrew Crane were in the studio to talk to us a little bit about Blackshaw’s upcoming production of Alice In Wonderland as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe.FullSizeRender (10)
Emily will be playing Alice in the production, which starts in May, along with a fantastic cast, and Andrew is designing the sound and running the technical aspects of the show. For more information on Alice In Wonderland, tune in to the Blackshaw Arts Hour every Sunday from 6pm-7pm, we’ll soon be releasing our audio trailer!
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Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 6

Tune in to this week’s instalment of the Blackshaw Arts Hour, join Iasha to hear all things theatre and arts in Wandsworth and beyond!

We play Wailing Well, read by Duncan Gates for your listening pleasure and poets Owen Collins and Daisy Thurston-Gent provide us with a mini poetry segment within the show.

Also this week, we have a piece of new writing by Joe Banks called Have you Seen Spider-Man 2? performed by Grace Felton and Smith Lowe.

Happy listening!

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LOST Theatre: 5 Minute Festival

On Tuesday 13th November my sister and I went to see our good friend Daisy T-G perform her fantastic poem ‘Eye of a Snail’ at LOST Theatre’s 5 Minute Festival. This week-long festival sees 40 theatre/performance companies perform a piece that cannot last longer than 5 minutes. A total of ten pieces are performed each night Monday-Thursday and on each night a panel of three judges selects two pieces to go through to Saturday night’s final.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase a variety of talent, many of the pieces were short plays that had a cast and director – some pieces were clever, some hilarious, some, well, seriously weird. Variety was certainly what we got. Daisy’s piece was unusual in that it wasn’t a piece of theatre but her performance poetry was certainly theatrical enough to match up. ‘Eye of a Snail’ is a witty, charming and heartfelt piece that darts and drifts through the mind of the poet from the here and now back to the classroom as a 7 year-old and many places in between. Daisy’s electric performance is captivating but you don’t need to take my word for it, you can watch the video (filmed by LOST Theatre) and see for yourself.

There were a couple of other notable pieces from the evening (Eye of a Snail was my favourite, but then I am biased). I particularly enjoyed ‘Side Dish’, a great short piece of abstract theatre, with a fun nonsensical feel was described as ‘a harmonic play exploring the potential of personal growth via a restaurant menu’. I also enjoyed ‘Yesterday’s Shirt’ a funny little piece performed by a guy who looked a lot like Rob Brydon and ‘None of the Above’ which was 5 minutes of craziness based around two guys practicing for his driving theory test when the questions start to become ‘choose your own adventure book’ questions and the adventure starts to become real.

Inventive, bizarre and often well directed and performed this night of short pieces of theatre was well put together and very enjoyable. This was LOST Theatre’s 5th year of running the 5 Minute Festival and I do hope they continue it next year as I am very much looking forward to going!

You can see all of the pieces that were performed on all 4 nights here.