NEWS: Showcase Winner 2015

*Announcement Klaxon* We’re thrilled to announce that the winner of our 2015 Showcase Award, is Naila Vazquez Tantinya, with ‘Call It Even’.

We’ll be working with Naila for the next 9 months, and then birthing (sorry not sorry) her finished work as an industry showcase in January 2016.

New Writing Night – March 2015 – The Showcase Shortlist

The 4 pieces performed at this New Writing Night were shortlisted for Blackshaw’s Showcase Award 2015.

Sleeping Dogs

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Directed by Kat Roberts

Ben— George Collie

Anna— Rose Turner

Jack— Stanley Eldridge

Annette— Diana Brooks



Written by Nick Cheesman

Directed by Matt Beresford

Sheri— Janie Shepherd

Nigel— Richard Zanik


Call it Even

Written by Naila Vazquez Tantinya

Directed by Marcus Bazley

Jamie— Jonathan Cobb

Macarena— Eden Avital Alexander


The Meeting

Written by Michael Halliday

Directed by Stephen Bailey

God— Isaiah Ellis

Muse— Freya Evans

Fate— Caitlin McMillan

Demon— Charlie Woodward

Administrator— Colson Dorafshar


Photos by Richard Stratton