Call It Even, Jan 2016 – Photos

In January 2016, we staged our 2015 showcase award winning show, ‘Call It Even’.

More info, cast list etc, here.

Photos by Ellie Pitkin.



Showcase 2015: Call It Even

Call it Even by Naila Vázquez Tantinyà

WORLD PREMIER: Industry Showcase
Blackshaw’s Showcase Award Winner 2015

“Dad, you couldn’t even get dying right…”

Jamie’s father has died. In Gran Canaria. And now he’s got to deal with it – all of it.

Call it Even follows the struggle of a young transgender man to reconcile with his Dad, after he’s gone.  Feeling like a stranger in a land where he doesn’t even speak the language, Jamie has a lot of tidying up to do. Uncle Dave isn’t much help, but will he find an unexpected ally in Macarena, the new woman in his Dad’s life (death)?


Naila Vázquez Tantinyà graduated in Journalism and Filmmaking in Barcelona. After working as a freelance writer for several publications as well as a script analyst for Arcadia Motion Pictures — where she co-wrote a TV movie — moved to London in 2011. There, she studied a MA in Script Writing at Goldsmiths University thanks to the prestigious La Caixa Scholarship for further education. She has also been a script reader at Cascade Media and Big Rich Films, as well as a sales assistant at Celsius Entertainment. Call it Even, developed with Blackshaw Theatre Company is her first theatre production.


Rachel-Nott-Colour 8.7mb
RACHEL NOTT         Macarena

Training: The Poor School

Credits include: Staying Alive (Pleasance Theatre), Save Me (Horse & Stables), Billy Liar (Coopers Arms), Pirates! (Polka Theatre), Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Workhouse Theatre), The Memory of Water (Rose and Crowne), FourPlay (Hen & Chickens), The Bill (Talkback Television).


BEN LAWSON           Jamie

Ben directed and performed as Lawrence in Abigail’s Party at The Edinburgh Fringe (Sell Out Show Award 2007). Since then his credits include: Six Characters in Search of an Author (Winterflood Theatre, London), Antigone (Studio Theatre, Ealing), Doctor’s Dilemma (Bridewell Theatre, London) and Tartuffe (Theatro Technis Theatre, London). Voice over credits include: Alice in Wonderland (Take 2 Studios), Peter Pan, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol , Robin Hood, The Lost World and The Secret Garden (ARM Productions).



Recent theatre includes: ‘The Janitor’ in Dry Land (for Damsel Productions) which has just finished a successful run at Jermyn Street Theatre, ‘Dr Ray’ in Protocols (with Kernel Theatre Company) RADA’s entry in this year’s Camden Fringe, ‘Ed/ Priest’ in a rehearsed reading for a new play Good Girl (at RADA as part of their 2015 Festival), and Smorgasbard (a Shakespeare revue for Another Way Theatre Company).


CINTIA LILEN Public Servant/Mourner/Voice
CINTIA LILEN Public Servant/Mourner/Voice

Cinthia Lilen is a London based, Latin American born actress and a recent graduate from Drama Studio London. A Spanish speaking actress, dancer, deviser and improviser with an additional degree in theatre design. Her multiplicity of talents include stage combat training, physical theatre experience as well as various forms of dance such as Jazz, Belly-Dance and African dance. Cinthia has last performed in After Columbus directed by Helena Bell at the New Diorama Theatre.

GEORGE COLLIE      Richard/Cleaner/Voice
GEORGE COLLIE      Richard/Cleaner/Voice

Since graduating drama school in 2011 George has found his niche in comedic roles in London fringe theatre and film, with a prolific run of work in classical and contemporary shows. Most recently he joined Gimcrack Productions in their acclaimed theatrical cabaret Moribund, and has started the first of many forays into the world of cabaret compering…


ROSIE EDWARDS Bank Woman/Mourner/Voice
ROSIE EDWARDS Bank Woman/Mourner/Voice

Rosie graduated from Drama Studio London in August 2014.

Credits since training include ‘Maggie’ in Feydeau’s Le Dindon at the Theatre des Alouettes in Paris, ‘Lucy’ in Once Upon a Rhyme at the Etcetera Theatre, ‘Sat Nav Girl’ in Be my Eyes at the Edinburgh Festival, ‘Prince Charming’ in Cinderella (tour) and ‘Charley’ in Backseat Drivers with The London Theatre.




Liam is an Actor, Director and Writer for multiple disciplines. He is the Artistic Director of in(ep)trepidan immersive theatre company who just completed a run at The Vaults in Waterloo. He is also the Creative Producer for Encompass Productions who run Bare Essentials, a critically acclaimed New Writing Night in New Cross, along with other full scale productions.

He is happy to have been asked to come on board for this project as he knows and loves the Blackshaw team, having performed in several of their previous shows including ‘Tweedle Dum’ in Alice in Wonderland and ‘Swelter’ in Gormenghast.

Twitter: @imaginationpipe / @ineptrepid



MICHELLE BRISTOW Set & Costume Designer

Michelle has assisted on set and costume for previous Blackshaw productions: Staying Alive by Kat Roberts (The Pleasance, Nov 2015); Alice in Wonderland by Richard Stratton (2014 & 2015), Character by Florence Vincent (2014 & 2015); Audience with the Ghost Finder by M. J. Starling (2013). She also designed set and costume for Blackshaw’s Halloween Tales (2014), featuring a candlelit reading and Fetch by Duncan Gates.

Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Arts (2014) with a degree in Costume Design, Michelle designed Blackshaw’s Showcase of Staying Alive in January (2015), and more recently has been working with Fourth Monkey Theatre Company. Michelle is also experienced in the production of dance pieces, and has spent time working in the Costume Department at the London Contemporary Dance School.


ANDREW CRANE Sound & Lighting Designer

Andrew is a graduate in Drama and Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway University (2012), and has worked as a sound designer and technician for Blackshaw Theatre since 2012. Sound Design credits include Staying Alive by Kat Roberts (The Pleasance, Nov 2015); Alice in Wonderland by Richard Stratton (2014 & 2015), Character by Florence Vincent (2014), and Fetch by Duncan Gates (2014).

For Blackshaw Theatre’s Arts Hour on Wandsworth Radio, Andrew has edited several radio plays including the radio adaptation of Audience with the Ghost Finder by M. J. Starling (2015), and a serialised adaptation of Great Expectations by Marcus Bazley.



A recent graduate from Royal Holloway University of London. Nicole has been a part of Blackshaw for three years, with varying roles from Administrator, to New Writing Night Manager, and is now acting as a Producer for the first time.







For their patience, numerous revision and feedback: Laura Maestu, Claire Basarich and Alice Moore. To Pau Crego Walters for his enlightening insights.


Special thanks to Vikki Weston and Kat Roberts for all their help and Ellie Pitkin for her londonisation.


Dedicated to Manuel Vázquez Pardo.


New Writing Night – September 2015

What’s Best for Louis by Frank Mariani
Director – Catherine Lord
Tim – Dominic Attenborough
Jane – Charlotte Higgins
Woman – Natasha Green

How To Get Ahead by Liam Fleming & Robert Wallis
Director – Liam Fleming
Josh – James Bonser
Pete – Connor Mills

Hell and Heaven by Richard Cabut
Director – Alexander Pankurst
Mr Northcote – Adam Seigel
Mrs Northcote – Natalie Winter
St Peter – James Docherty
Attendant – Natasha Green

Poetry by Owen Collins


Photos by Richard Stratton



Quick Questions with Liam Fleming (Tweedledum, Alice in Wonderland)

LIAM FLEMING – TWEEDLE DUM (& SOLDIER 2/DOOR 4)© Michael Wharley Photography 2012

What do you like best about playing your character in Alice in Wonderland?

My favourite thing about playing Tweedledum is getting to let my imagination and child-like side to run free. And I get to do it with a good friend which makes being part of a duo even easier.

What are rehearsals like?

Rehearsals are a lot of fun. They are tiring because ‘Alice’ is a very physical show, but it’s a good work-out.

What was the last project you worked on?

My last project was the first show of my new company. ‘Father for Justice’ and ‘Dearly Departed ‘, a double bill of immersive theatre.

Besides Alice, what’s your favourite past role?

My favourite role was playing The Marquis De Sade in ‘Quills’. It was great playing someone so confident and articulate.

What’s the best play/show/concert you’ve ever been to?

The best show is any time I get to see Amanda Palmer live. She always gives a performance that makes me feel a part of it.

Not a lot of people know that…

Not a lot of people know that… When you order crispy seaweed from a Chinese restaurant it’s not seaweed, it’s Cabbage.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is… my love of 90s pop music.

What really grinds your gears?

Self-entitled people

About Gormenghast

Here’s a little more info on that mammoth adaption we performed in 2012.

The Gormenghast series, or Titus books, written by artist, author and poet Mervyn Peake, are set in a timeless world with a rigid class structure, thousands of age old traditions, and one ambitious kitchen boy. Titus Groan tells the first part of the story; the birth of Gormenghast’s heir, the descent of the Earl into madness, and Steerpike; a kitchen boy determined to better himself at all costs and who by doing so shakes Gormenghast to its very core.

Mervyn Peake was a poet, illustrator, playwright and visionary creator of Gormenghast. He spent some years of his childhood in Tienstin, China – the world of which is very much present in Gormenghast. He went on to create innumerable illustrations, as well as writing wonderful poetry, novels and nonsense literature. Though he did not enjoy great success in his lifetime, he was well respected and admired by his peers. In more recent years, Peake’s work has received the recognition it deserves, and Blackshaw is proud to be a part of that.


“A somewhat dysphoric (though incredibly humorous) universe is painted in large swathes of theatrical colour from the moment one takes an actual pew. The Master of the Ritual unravels and drops an acme-sized scroll from balcony to floor and immediately we witness the sheer size and downright chutzpah that this production delivers all the way through.

They incorporate projection, mime, a very high level of physical theatre, impressively zany costuming and an incredible soundscape – both live and tinned An outstanding cast must be commended for carefully nurturing these characters into a cohesive circus of idiosyncrasies, all maintaining a sparkle of cartoon but never at the cost of anyone else. On that note, Director Ellie Pitkin has undoubtedly achieved a feat of excellence in her homage to Peake’s novel. This was a brave and wonderful new world for me, and it deserves a great deal of attention.” – London Festival Fringe

“Highly recommended, this very colourful & energetic production had some outstanding & very moving performances…to be seen by all Mervyn Peake Fans.” – Sebastian Peake

“the brilliant and resourceful use of the space…combined with atmospheric accompanying music ensured that my attention was soon entirely absorbed… the production hummed with energy, moving dextrously from the hilarity of satire to a real sense of a world and a family that is falling inexorably and tragically to pieces. Roll on part two of the Gormenghast trilogy!” **** FOUR STARS – Remote Goat

You can see production photos, behind the scenes snippets, and more, in our other blog posts.