Looking back at…The Hunting of the Snark

1st September 2013
The Actors Church Covent Garden
Iris Theatre and the Space Between

Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem devised by four theatre companies and staged as a piece of promenade theatre in and around the Actors Church in Covent Garden. We delivered the Barrister’s Dream section in the main church and vestry, with humour, puppets and an emotional memorial service for a pig. Standard stuff.


Ellie Pitkin
Richard Stratton
Francis Woolf
Clare Harlow
Angela Shepherd


Andrew Crane


George Islay Calderwood

New Writing Night – March 2016 (Showcase Award Shortlist)

Bruised by Hannah Puddefoot

Directed by George Islay-Calderwood

Emma – Lisa Ronaghan

Mike – Dan Burman


Cailleach Og by Gerald Moynihan

Directed by Jo Greaves

Cailleach Óg – Jo Greaves

Màire Mí Dhomhnaill – Natasha Colenso


Maybe God is Michael by Karen Bartholomew

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Paul – Robert Daoust

Helen – Hilary Buss

Vicar – Koullis Kyriacou


Parents by Dan Weatherer

Directed by Tutku Barbaros

Gilly – Daniel Garcia

Tom – Tom Slatter

Steff – Abigail Morgan

Marianna – Natasha Colenso


The Unexpected Guest by Rosie Marsh

Directed by Ellie Pitkin

Hannah – Angela Ferns

Sally – Emily Rae


Photos by Richard Stratton.