Looking back at…Black Shuck

by Duncan Hands

11-19th May 2016, The Bedford
11-15th October, The Old Red Lion Theatre

“Sea-eagle to coot, come in please, can you hear me? Over.”

“Yes, yes, bloody yes!”

Rucksacks… Check. Walkie-Talkies… Check. Hip flask… Check. Gun… gun?!

Ruminating on the local myth of ghostly dog ‘Black Shuck’, two (inept) would-be smugglers await a shipment on the Norfolk Coast. Join us, where comedy meets horror in this hour-long new play by Duncan Hands.

Another bit of new writing being championed by Blackshaw you say? It’s almost like we have an MO…Duncan Hands blended the mystical, farcical and mundane in this black comedy. Rachel Nott and Alexander Pankhurst’s onstage chemistry really brought the whole thing to life. Special mention goes to Andrew Crane for once again delivering the quality aural goods to create the spookiest of atmospheres.

engaging and dynamic…boundless energy and spirit…a little bit silly, a little bit scary and thoroughly worth a watch!

Theatre Bubble

a brilliantly written short piece…Rachel Nott is amazing…Art is played wonderfully by Alexander Pankhurst

London Theatre 1

a taut play that manages to walk the tightrope of genres but playing to the strength of all

Female Arts


Martha – Rachel Nott
Art – Alexander Pankhurst
Mr Big (voice only) – Tom Slatter
Fisherman (voice only) – Duncan Hands


Director/Producer – Ellie Pitkin
Sound Design – Andrew Crane
Sound and Lightening Tech – Andrew Crane
Set and Costume Designer – Michelle Bristow
Set Builder – Tom Hurling
Design Assistant – Sophia Debus
Promotional Images – Robin Savage Photography
Production Photography – Richard Stratton