Looking back at…New Writing Nights & The Showcase Awards

On January 6th 2011, Blackshaw presented its first New Writing Night at The Horse & Stables (Lambeth North). There began a decade-long love story between Blackshaw and new writing. We hosted over 30 events, first at The Horse, and then at the Hen & Chickens (Islington). The New Writing Nights brought together writers, actors, and directors to try out their work and get constructive feedback from the audience.

In 2014, we began the annual Blackshaw Showcase Award – winners were supported by Blackshaw through the development process of their play, to get the script performance-ready and then staged as a one-off industry performance.

2014 Winner: Staying Alive by Kat Roberts

2015: Call It Even by Naila Vázquez Tantinyà

2016: Cailleach Óg by Gerald Moynihan

2017: Moth Man by Nicole Locke

There are loads of brilliant photos, reviews, interviews and info on the New Writing Nights and Showcase Awards to look at.