Scare Slam 2018 – Photos

Photos by Richard Stratton –

I – The Intruders, written and performed by Jason D. Brawn

II – Warm and Chewy, written by Ollie George Clark, performed by Dene Horgan

III – The Beast, written and performed by Scott Younger

IV- Nightsweats, written and performed by Sasha Wilson

V – Lay Me Down, written by Morgan Noll, presented by Somna Theatre Company, performed by Robbie Heath

VI – An Evening, written by Patrick Chivers, performed by Peter Frost

VII – Banshee Bungle, written by Vivian C Lermond, performed by Victoria Howell

VIII – Mrs Miller, written and performed by Reece Connolly

VIIII – Ellie Pitkin, Compere

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