The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 47

This week, Vikki, Iasha and Alex are joined by a guest and Blackshaw Arts Hour virgin, Dave Turnball.

With Matt in Edinburgh and no one wanting to fill his review shoes, we hear a retro movie review of Labyrinth featuring the late great David Bowie.

After talking Suicide Squad last show and becoming frustrated with the Jared Leto ‘method’ acting marketing circus, Vikki dives into a method acting Arts Thing of the Week with some added history provided from Alex and his theatre studies degree.

Matt’s in Edinburgh, but we’ve still got him working. We hear from him and a few of the shows he’s seen along with friend and reviewer Amy Yorston.

To take us to the end of the show, we heard a New Writing Night piece called Trim, written by James Barry, directed by Ellie Pitkin and performed by Charlotte Worthing

Join us next week for the return of Matt and an overview of Edinburgh 2016!

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”200px”]

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