The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 32

This week on the show we are hearing from Matt and Vikki who are bringing us another retro movie review, this time looking at Oldboy.

Iasha plays one of the spooky stories we couldn’t fit into our live recording of the Scare Slam last year. Alison Cuff is the storyteller and we’d like to thank her for being involved and scaring us with her spooky tale.

Helen went to see Derren Brown and gives us an insight into her feelings about Derren and the show itself (without giving too much away of course!).

Iasha plays her favourite Arts Thing of the Week from 2015 which was Vikki talking about the gender age gap in film and theatre.

Then, to close the show, we have Episode 2 of Great Expectations. If you missed Episode 1, go back and have a listen, they are appearing on the podcast as stand alone episodes every other week. Episode 3 will be airing live on the 31st of January so be sure to tune in to The Blackshaw Arts Hour on Wandsworth Radio.

Also, make sure to keep up to date with all of Cyphers’ upcoming shows here and subscribe to The Blackshaw Arts Hour on iTunes or listen below.

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