Great Expectations – Getting to know William Holyhead

Will Holyhead Headshot

Will is a graduate of King’s College London, where he studied English. He was most recently seen in Cyphers’ revival of Henry V – the original production of which he made his professional debut in. Other work for Cyphers includes Great Expectations, as ‘Herbert’ and ‘Miss Havisham’. Before graduating, he appeared in a number of productions including: Flare Path at RADA Studios; Broken Glass at The Bloomsbury Theatre; The Seagull at The Etcetera Theatre; Measure For Measure at The Bristol Shakespeare Festival; King Lear; Twelfth Night; Spring Awakening and The Importance of Being Earnest. You can follow Will on twitter @WJHolyhead.


Quick Questions…

1. What’s your favourite scene or character from ‘Great Expectations’?

Bentley Drummle


2. What’s the last project you worked on?

Henry V with Cyphers


3. What’s the last book you read?

Operation Mincemeat, by Ben MacIntyre


4. Not a lot of people know that I…

Once aided and abetted my French teacher smuggling a large quantity of champagne into the UK on a ferry and was almost placed under Captain’s arrest on the same ferry for ‘borrowing’ a large quantity of salt an pepper from the ship’s restaurant to use as poker chips…


5. What really grinds your gears?

The jumping of red lights and zebra crossings!!!! (especially by Taxis and cyclists)


You can hear William Holyhead playing Herbert Pocket in our upcoming radio adaptation of Great Expectations – broadcasting on The Blackshaw Arts Hour from Sunday 3rd January 2016.

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Available to download or stream here.


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