The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 22

This week on the show, Matt, Alex and Iasha are in the studio with new wrting to play and lots of reviews.
First up Matt reviews the new pixar film Inside Out and we talk in the studio about what it takes to make us cry in films.

Next up is Alex talking about a new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that he is appearing in in a few weeks. The play is on at the Tea House theatre from the 10th – 12th of September and all the details can be found here.

We also played “Have You Seen Spiderman 2?” a piece of new writing we recording last year, written by Joe Banks and performed by Grace Felton and Smith Lowe.

Vikki came to us via pre-record to review some of the shows she saw a few weeks ago at the Edinburgh Fringe and then Helen Johnson reviewed the Cyphers Chekov double bill that was performed at The Proud Archivist a couple of weeks back.

Next up on the show was part 2 of The Whistling Room following up from the last Blackshaw Arts Hour where we left you halfway through an original Carnacki story read by our very own Matt Boothman.


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