Quick Questions in Wonderland – Inez Coonen

We grabbed Inez Coonen, who’s working as a Set/Costume Assistant on our upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland at the Battersea Library, for some quick questions…

What do you like best about working on Alice in Wonderland?
Being part of the production is so much fun, when you know you have an actual audience to wow with the designs.  I cannot wait to work together on the ideas, because there is so much to explore.


What’s your favourite scene or character in ‘Alice in Wonderland’?
Alice’s encounter with the Catapillar.


What was the last project you worked on?
“The Snow Queen”


What’s the last book you read?
I have not read much lately, but I really like the novels of Amelie Nothomb.


Besides Alice, what’s your favourite past role (or favourite past project you’ve worked on) and why?
`’Talk to me like the rain and let me listen…`’ a production performed on the Musica Sacra Festival in the Netherlands.  Everything we wanted to make happen, happened: we let it rain on the stage during the whole play. That was a hard job, but we pulled it off!


What’s the best play/show/concert you’ve ever been to?
I was really impressed by ‘Liberation’ at this year’s Vault Festival.


Not a lot of people know that…
I have got some really surprising dance moves.


What’s your guilty pleasure?
Listening to Japanese music.


What really grinds your gears?
Bad manners


You can see Inez’s work on Alice in Wonderland at the Battersea Library 2-16th May 2015 – more details and buy tickets here.



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