Character 2015 – reviews

“See Character, a delightful theatre production on in Covent Garden. Funny, nostalgic, well acted 2 hander” – London Culture Blog

“Blackshaw put on an amazing & very funny play at Tristan Bates this evening. Well done director Ellie Pitkin!” – Thursday’s audience

“another brilliant show from Blackshaw, well worth a watch!“…”1 hour of dynamic duo Clare Harlow & Angela Ferns – so much fun” – Wednesday’s audience

“It was so enjoyable…really, really funny and then we had this this really sharp transition into quite poignant, thoughtful moments, which I thought was lovely…that laughter…I know it was acting, but it looked so truthful…it was an excellent play” – Tom from KCL Radio

Hear the full review/interview here.

“very enjoyable, funny & touching“…”Some great performances & fantastic writing” – Monday’s audience

a witty play…reminiscent of Ab Fab’s Edina and Saffy” – In & Around Covent Garden magazine

“A funny & warming look at friendship.”… “funny, tightly written & oh so relevant“…”Top notch! Poignant and hilarious” – Tuesday’s audience

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