10 signs Christmas is coming

Photo by Bethany Arnold

1. Christmas cards taking over EVERYWHERE making it impossible to find anything with a simple ‘happy birthday’ or ‘thank you’.

Photo by Bethany Arnold


2. Shop shelves become filled with festive treats making you wonder how you survived the previous 11 months without mince pies.




3. Shop window displays become an exhibition of all things sparkly.

For me, the winner will always be teddybears.


4. A whole host of new activities to enjoy – the cheesier, the better.

5. Everywhere just looks so much better than usual.

6. Christmas songs playing everywhere. All the time.  There isn’t really a picture for that…


mostlyaboutchocolate.com – edited by Bethany Arnold

7. So much excitement over Advent Calendars, the best way to start a day.

Photo by Bethany Arnold


8. Coffee shops have an exciting new range of festive flavours and the special take away cup to match.




9. Classic Christmas films are back on TV and take us back to our childhoods

(OK, maybe not a ‘classic’ yet but Frozen is just great).


10. The John Lewis advert.

www.express.co.uk  - edited by Bethany Arnold
http://www.express.co.uk – edited by Bethany Arnold


And however cheesy it might be, let’s be honest, we know Christmas is coming when we get that feeling in our bellies, the one that’s not indigestion.  The excited for no particular reason, wanting to be with friends and family feeling. That’s the Christmas spirit folks.


Have a good one


– Bethany Arnold, Social Events Manager

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