New Writing Night – September 2014

The Lash by Nick Cheesman
Directed by Genevieve Girling
Henry – Banny Almeida
Jack – Harper James
Vicky – Kelsey Short
Maya – Hannah van der Westhuysen

No Going Back by Richard Woulfe
Directed by Robert Beck
Fiona – Tara Gadomski
Joyce – Andrea Deeley
Drew – Tino Orsini

SMS by Marianne Powell
Directed by Kim Pearce
Delilah – Emily Jane Kerr

Slice of Death by Luca Vigano
Directed by Stephen Bailey
Eveline – Annie McKenzie
The Guest – Michael Tonkin-Jones

Staying Alive

Written and Directed by Kat Roberts

Mary – Eleanor Burke

Nathan – Brendan Jones

Photos by Nick Tatchell

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