Hello and Goodbye – New Team Members

Lots of ‘ex’ (and current) committee members have told me how their work with Blackshaw was more useful to them in job interviews, than anything else on their CV – not just for jobs in theatreland, but in all kinds of industries – it’s that ‘transferable skills’ thing I hear so much about.  Plus, potential employers are always wicked thrilled to hear that a prospective employee is such a great manager of their time and an altogether excellent, conscientious, and ambitious individual, that they have a job in their spare time.  That they have a passion.  Supporting the arts is sooo in, darling – if you don’t have a part time voluntary role with an arts organisation, what do you do with your evenings and weekends (no, seriously, what do you do? Does it mean more episodes of Orange is the New Black or Grey’s Anatomy than I currently manage to fit in? Because I watch an inordinate amount of TV, even with two jobs on the go – it’s brilliant.

The Blackshaw Team turnover continues, as Lizzie Cooper waves goodbye to her role as New Writing Night Manager with us.  If you’ve been to, or taken part in, one of our New Writing Nights, you probably have an inkling of how brilliant she has been at this job – wrangling actors, writers, directors, rehearsals, performances, photographers, front of house staff, technicians (and lots of other things) takes serious organisation skills, and she’s been working remotely to do all of that for the last 12 months.  Yep, Lizzie’s been telecommuting* from Cardiff, while she trains to be a qualified Stage Manager. She’s on to the final, placement, stage of her training now, so has handed the reins over to Nicole, our super duper company administrator.  So, Lizzie’s moving onwards and upwards, and Nicole is too – role development, innit.

Of course, Lizzie won’t be ‘gone gone’.  She’ll be on hand as our ‘consultant stage manager’ for as long as we like (she’s good like that), and (if we can afford her…) we’ll be working with her on lots of future projects.  It is so fantastically satisfying (smug moment) for me to see Lizzie go from a third year undergrad stage managing Blackshaw’s Gormenghast: Titus Groan (2012), through to a permanent role with us as Events Manager, then New Writing Night Manager, then on to her place on the Stage Management course at Cardiff (her experience with us was a clincher, appaz), and now into the wide world of Stage Management.  The world is your clip board.  Or something.

Along with all this goodbye-ing, we’ve got some lovely Hello-ing on the go. Our new Publicity PR & Marketing (PPM) Manager, Siobhan, is a perfect fit for us, and does clever email marketing for a regular job, so working with us will expand her horizons (probably) and skills (definitely) into marketing for theatre across all of the mediums (yes, all of them), and we get a brilliant PPM Manager.  Winning all around.  Siobhan’s joining us at a really good time actually – you may have noticed our site is somewhat reduced at the moment – that’s because it’s getting a complete overhaul by the very talented Richard Stratton (our IT Manager, amongst other things), and our newsletters will get an overhaul too.

Some things are shiny and new, some things are not new, but still shiny.

PS – remember, there are always opportunities to work with us, as a PPM assistant, or events assistant, or, when we have projects running, as Front of House, or a production assistant.  PLUS, if you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about our casting and designer/crew opportunities.

– Ellie (Managing & Artistic Director of Blackshaw Theatre Company)

*it’s not like teleporting, don’t get too excited

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