10 Reasons to Work with Blackshaw

1. It’s FUN – we’re a voluntary organisation so it’s important to us that everyone enjoys working with us

2. It’s great for the CV – any prospective employer would be delighted to see that you’re such a committed and organized person that you volunteer in your free time

3. It’s good experience – there aren’t many places you can avoid the catch-22 of not being able to get experience without having experience. You want to have a go at production management? Great! We’ll sign you up for the next show.

4. You can learn new skills – We encourage people to try something new for the first time, and have experts to support them through the learning process. Have a go at set design, or acting!

5. We have a plan! – Because everyone works on a voluntary basis, it’s important to be organised; we have an online calendar, and shared drive to make sure you can check what’s happening, on the go.

6. We work around your schedule – we arrange face to face meetings where needed, but keep as much on email/skype etc as possible, so you can get your work done at home in your PJs (if you like).

7. The parties – we have a few big social events each year; partly to raise funds for the company, and partly for the fun! If you like dressing up, music, and comedy, you’ll love a Blackshaw Party. Ain’t no party like a Blackshaw Party!* *obscure 00s reference

8. You’ll be a part of a great team – we already have super fun and talented people working at Blackshaw who support and learn from each other as well as collaborating on lots of different projects – you can get involved wherever you want

9. We want to hear your ideas – we love to learn and develop so we’re always up for trying out new ideas, or new ways we can do things.

10. There are biscuits at committee meetings.

Applications are open now for Blackshaw’s Publicity, PR & Marketing Manager.  More details here.

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