Work with Blackshaw – Publicity, PR, and Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a new Publicity, PR and Marketing (PPM) Manager to join the Blackshaw committee and help us promote our fantastic shows and events. Like all our committee positions, this is a voluntary role but you’ll have the opportunity to join a dedicated team of theatre makers and have plenty of fun too!  See our top 10 reasons to work with us, here.

To Apply
Email with the subject heading ‘PPM position’. Please send your CV and write a brief covering letter explaining why you’re interested in, and how you would be suitable for, the post.

Job Description – PPM Manager

The Publicity, PR, and Marketing Manager is specifically responsible for –

– Brand Management: the public image and awareness of Blackshaw and its activities.

– Managing the PPM Team (currently 2 lovely PPM assistants, Robert & Stanley)

– Coordinating specific project campaigns by liaising with the Events Team/Director/PPM Team about the image of the event/company

– Seeking out opportunities to promote Blackshaw

– Analysing the relative successes and failures of specific campaigns and use these findings to improve future campaigns

– Ensuring the company contact database (Blackshaw Brain) is kept up to date

– Managing relationships with press, including distributing press releases, building contacts with the press, bringing in reviewers for shows and events.

– Developing publicity strategy.

All Blackshaw committee members are also expected to attend Blackshaw committee meetings. These are currently held on the first Sunday of every month, at 3pm (and last up to 2 hours) at the Royal Festival Hall.

Specific Tasks include:

  • Sourcing, and briefing, a designer for company publicity, then following up and proofing drafts/ideas within an appropriate timescale before sending to the Director and/or Events Manager for approval
  • Circulating material to appropriate events listings, relevant social media and websites (this will include flyers, posters, banners, e-flyers, online promotional material and anything else that is deemed appropriate for the project).
  • Maintain up to date profiles for Blackshaw on relevant event listings and social media sites, whilst generating a good audience relationship through the latter.
  • Liaise with the IT Manager to create and distribute a regular newsletter to the mailing list.



PPM Assistant – we have two assistants in post, Robert & Stanley.  They assist with the day to day running of Blackshaw’s Publicity, and are task managed by the PPM Manager.

The PPM assistant will assist the PPM manager with the planning and implementation of various promotional campaigns carried out by Blackshaw, occasionally taking full ownership of campaigns relating to smaller events.  This includes: Liaising with the PPM Manager/Events team/Director about the image of the event/company; proofing work/ideas within an appropriate timescale before sending to PPM Manager/Events team/Director for approval; circulating material to appropriate events listings, relevant social media and websites (this will include flyers, posters, banners, e-flyers, online promotional material and anything else that is deemed appropriate for the event).


They are the secondary representative for Press, PR and Marketing on the Blackshaw committee and are only expected to attend meetings when they wish, or in the place of the PPM manager if they are unable to attend.


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