Quick Questions with Emily (Alice, Alice in Wonderland)


Emily Rae smallerWhat do you like best about playing your character in Alice in Wonderland?

I secretly enjoy Alice’s little angry outbursts and the way she struggles with wanting things to be logical, but also the fact that deep down she enjoys the sheer absurdity of it all. I like to think that she learns from her experiences in Wonderland!

What are rehearsals like?

FUN! So far I am incapable of getting through a single scene without having to stifle a severe case of the giggles! Rehearsals have been a professional environment where the actors are encouraged by the Director to explore even the silliest of ideas! The scenes always feel fresh and aside from certain choreographed moments I enjoy the freedom to play and always look forward to new and unexpected moments!

What was the last project you worked on?

Aside from performing short scenes from Amadeus and Spur of The Moment at The Hospital Club in collaborative events for new actors, I spent two months over the Christmas season performing The Snow Queen in Primary Schools and Theatres around the country.

Besides Alice, what’s your favourite past role?

I have three favourites! I played ‘Eliza Doolittle’ in Pygmalion at school and this is when I knew I wanted to be an actor. I then played ‘Cecily Cardew’ in The Importance of Being Earnest Directed by Alex Turner during my first year at Royal Holloway University which I absolutely loved. At Drama School, I worked with a Director called Xavier Leret to develop a character called ‘Midas’ Daughter’ in Metamorphoses, an adaptation of Greek myths by Mary Zimmerman, in which I was turned into a gold statue during the first few minutes of a two hour performance with no interval. I held this position for the entirety, being carried around the stage and submerged in an ice cold pool! Being freed at the end of this performance by my on stage Father, ‘King Midas’, was one of the most magical and rewarding moments, especially as it had seemed like the most absurd suggestion from Xavier from the start but was so well received by the audience. This was a lesson to be learnt for me as seemingly silly ideas often turn out to be the best.

What’s the best play/show/concert you’ve ever been to?

Lots of things. I think the best shows are the ones that stay with you or have an affect on you, even if it’s something that just really made you laugh! Most recently, I have fallen in love with ‘Once’ at the Phoenix Theatre because the actors are so committed to telling such a simple and lovely story and the fact that they play their instruments live on stage is even more remarkable. The bar on stage from which the audience can get drinks helps too… I like collaborative shows that rely on resourcefulness and the talent of the actors.

Not a lot of people know that…

I simply cannot tell a lie! Call me Jim Carrey (that is a ‘Liar Liar’ reference for anyone who has not seen this marvellous film) but I find it impossible – even if I partially manage to lie – it reads all over my face! This is not ideal for me being that acting is essentially making a living from pretending!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Zac Efron. No shame.

What really grinds your gears?

People who don’t like pudding. ‘Oh no it’s okay I’m going to have the cheese board.’ I mean, I’m all for a cheese board but it ain’t no crème brûxlée let’s be honest.


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