Have you #SeenIt?

Lizzie Cooper's #SeenIt at the Edinburgh Fringe
Lizzie Cooper’s #SeenIt at the Edinburgh Fringe

Been to the theatre recently? Been to a gig? To a gallery? To an exhibition? To The Proms or a ballet? Maybe you’re hitting the Edinburgh Fringe this year (like our lovely New Writing Night Manager, Lizzie, although she is working on two shows whilst she’s up there). And if, like our lovely Lizzie, you’ve been to see a show or three recently then we want to know all about it. “How do I tell Blackshaw all about that great thing I’ve seen?” I hear you cry! Well, it’s easy, follow these simple steps and tell us if you’ve #SeenIt.

Step 1. Make sure you keep your ticket from whatever it is you’ve seen

Step 2. Get yourself on Twitter. Are you on Twitter right now? You are? Great.

Step 3. Take a snap of your ticket and Twitpic it or Instagram it or whatever the cool kids are doing these days

Step 4. Tweet your lovely picture @BlackshawUpdate and give us a short review of whatever you’ve seen (in less than 140 characters because, y’know, that’s sort of how Twitter works) and don’t forget to include #SeenIt.

Richard's #SeenIt at the Tricycle Theatre
Richard’s #SeenIt at the Tricycle Theatre

And that’s it! Now we’ll all know about the cool and awesome things you’ve seen and we can share it with everyone we know. And isn’t that just all kinds of niceness? We think so.



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