Admin in the Arts

By day I am just an ordinary administrator in the arts and by night…I am an administrator in the arts. OK it may not be the next blockbuster but it certainly keeps me on my toes. My day job (the one that pays for the other) is for a university as a research centre administrator which involves assisting art and design academics with their paperwork and research budgets etc. After clocking off from work I turn my talents to helping Blackshaw. These jobs involve pretty much the same things; event management, helping out with projects, looking for funding. Blackshaw has provided me with a great chance to hone in my skills on my interests and in turn got me a job I am very happy with. Like with any organisation admin is a part of life and the arts are not exempt just because they are fun. Now, some people I have met resent the need for administrators they see us more as bureaucrats than administrative support. Yes, sometimes the rules and procedures can be disheartening and bewildering but a good administrator will help keep the bureaucracy at bay so academics and artists can get on with their work.

In the arts you have the ‘talent’ on the stage, you have the ‘crew’ backstage and you have the ‘admin’ completely out of sight making sure nothing gets in the way. It ain’t glamorous but nothing would ever get done without us.

If you are interested in getting some experience for your CV or are just interested in helping then we have some volunteering opportunities for you.

  • Administrator
  • Publicity, PR & Marketing (PPM) Assistant
  • Social Events Manager

Click here to find out more about these jobs .

– Nick

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