Lack of Experience?


How many times when going for a job have you been told ‘you don’t have enough experience’? I was told quite a few times and I realised that the jobs market had landed itself in an endless paradox. How could anyone get experience if no one is offering it? Well I came to learn that you can pick up these necessary skills doing the most extraordinary things.

I offered my help when Blackshaw were planning a big Fifties Flashback event in a pub in Waterloo. I was asked to attend a couple of event meetings and before I knew it was up a ladder hanging streamers from a ceiling. A whole evening of fun followed and all I had to do was man the door and sell cakes. The thing I loved the most was seeing everyone in Blackshaw take their turn in the different roles, all pulling together as a team.

A couple of months later I was asked if I could organise a launch party for Blackshaw’s production of Gormenghast: Titus Groan. It had a literary theme so naturally I dressed as the Black Rabbit of Inle from Watership Down (cheery). While being offered the events role at Blackshaw I was also applying for a research admin job at Chelsea College of Art and Design (my dream job/career…hopefully). I got an interview and prepared to talk about my previous office job, but they didn’t want to hear about that, they were too interested in my job at Blackshaw. That’s when I realised that while I had been having a lot of fun (and drinks) putting together the big social events I had also greatly increased my chances of getting a job! I had become the perfect candidate! I am now working at Chelsea in a job I love and still helping Blackshaw with Events.

Now I have new interests and therefore new skills to try and pick up within Blackshaw. This means there is an opportunity for someone to step in and take the reins.

Interested? Then contact us at so we can have a chat about the role and Blackshaw.

Ideally we are looking for someone who wants to gain experience but if you already have penchant for event management then do get in touch at

And voila! Here is the job description:

Assistant Events Manager

The Assistant Events Manager will assist the Events Manager (where necessary) with the organisation, set-up and running of New Writing Nights. They are jointly responsible, with the Events Manager, for Blackshaw’s main events. This includes but is not limited to; finding venues, coordinating event planning meetings, choosing themes, sending an event brief to the PPM Team, recruiting and coordinating performers and a running order. They are also responsible for recruiting volunteers for the event, creating volunteer rotas, schedule for ‘get in’ and ‘get out’ and managing floats. They should also liaise carefully with the Funding and Finance Manager on budgets and recording takings/float. They should liaise closely with the PPM Manager to keep event promotion up to date, as well as having access to and frequently using the Blackshaw social media accounts in order to personally support promotion of events.

They are the secondary representative for Events on the Blackshaw committee and are only expected to attend the meetings when they wish, or in place of the Events Manager if they are unable to attend.

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